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New network of fuel station in France

Servitir is always looking to improve the services we provide and incorporate new sites into our networks. We are ...


Servitir offers competitive rates on over 800 ferry, tunnel & train routes ...

French ecotax postponed to October 2013?

The entry into force of the French Ecotax continues to cause controversy. Earlier this week the French Road Haulage Association announced that the Government is about to postpone the enforcement of the tax and to cancel the initially planned test period in Alsace. The spokesman of the French transport ministry though said that such decision has not been taken yet,although the minister himself understands and shares the concerns of the association.
Did the Road Haulage Association announce the change prematurely? Is the French minister responsible for the introduction of the tax just not willing to commit to a new timetable? Servitir is looking forward to the answers of these questions and will continue to lobby both at a national and international level.

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